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Vanilla Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards are the most sought after party and corporate gifts these days. But with so many options, it can be tough to find the right kind for the right occasion. Whether the occasion is a holiday or corporate event, there are plenty of styles and themes to choose from when selecting Vanilla Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards.

If you want to play it safe, then select a basic celebration theme. You could for example have a birthday party with all the typical candy and cake and you need not spend a lot of money on other decorations. This theme works well if there are only a handful of attendees.

A variation on the birthday theme is called the “vanilla theme”. This one has a more laid back feeling to it. There is no cakes or candy but just a few decorations. For example, instead of using a cake, you can use a cupcake or cookies. The children can also make their own decorations by mixing colors and/or using items found around the house.

Wedding receptions can take a number of different approaches. Depending on the venue, you may find that it can be very casual or formal. At a formal wedding reception, you will probably want to stick with the more formal theme. The guest list and the wedding agenda should set the mood. Vanilla Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards would work well at this type of gathering. They would not be out of place in this type of setting.

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If you are having a fun time at your party, you can go with a humorous theme. Many people's favorite is the “hair brained” or “flower power” types. One example would be the “flower power” wigs and makeup kit. Guests will love seeing the bride or groom with their hair on display. It will definitely get heads turning!

A traditional Christmas wedding theme can lend itself to a vanilla or mint julep. You could even have the entire wedding based around this particular flavor. Your Vanilla celebrant can be dressed up in a Santa suit, complete with red hat garland.

Your Vanilla celebrant could carry a gift box of chocolates or a bottle of wine as a gift. This would make a great gift for any couple celebrating their one year anniversary. The wedding cake could be decorated in chocolate. Give it to the Vanilla with a personalized message from the couple. They'll be glad to receive such a thoughtful present.

If you have a tight budget, you can still send your friends and family home with some wonderful “Vanilla” gifts. The wedding cake can be made with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. You can also add a shot of espresso, coffee or tea to their drinks. One final way to celebrate your one year wedding with a vanilla theme is to have a “Vanilla Party” where all gifts are vanilla.

Everyone loves vanilla, right? Well, if you're planning your next event and haven't decided on a Vanilla celebrant yet, don't worry. There are many different types out there to choose from. Some of them are: white, red, mint, peanut butter, peanut, cranberry, and raspberry. I would suggest having a party or getting together and choosing a different type each time until you find one you really like.

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If you are having a” Vanilla Wedding”, there are many ways to incorporate the” Vanilla” theme into your decorations. The invitations can have a photo of a vanilla, a slice of” Vanilla”, or even the word” Vanilla”. For decorations, use a candle with a vanilla shell, vanilla hands, or just plain vanilla on it. You can even use a candle with the wedding date on it.

When saying your vows, say “I love you” in a voice loud enough for the whole church to hear. If your maid of honor or flower girl speaks very slowly, take a piece of chocolate from each of you and place it in different places in the church. You can break the chocolate into little pieces and sprinkle them over the cake when you say your vows. This is an easy way to incorporate the “Vanilla” theme into your wedding.

In summary, the vanilla, at least in my book, is not the coolest chocolate. It is a pleasant flavor that works well with many different desserts. Make sure you have a good time enjoying it, because drinking chocolate is supposed to be fun!

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