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For those who are interested in obtaining extra money, the Amex Platinum 100K+10x offer may be perfect. This is due to the fact that this offer is only good for a period of six months. After the initial six months, recipients will not receive any additional money. Therefore, this is perfect for college students and those with a fast earning potential. Upon graduation, recipients should be ready to begin securing their own income.

The terms and conditions associated with the Amex Platinum 100K+10x offer are pretty straightforward. You will earn two to ten percent more than what you would earn at your regular job. $30 per month for six months is well worth the amount of money that is offered in the welcome offer. The terms and conditions of the offer also state that recipients can earn as much as twenty five thousand dollars per annum.

An important thing to note about these cards is that they are partnered with many of the best credit cards and banks in the world. Therefore, it is easy to see how the platinum card earns the highest percentage points. These points can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard or Visa. In most cases, it will take at least twenty to thirty days before you will receive your monthly bonus.

The best credit cards will always have offers such as this one. It is possible to earn tenx points at gas stations, restaurants, drug stores and even at certain movie theatres. After the introductory period, recipients will receive their regular Visa or MasterCard.

Another way to enjoy the perks offered by the Amex Platinum 100K+10x is through earning credits through the use of Amex rebates. In order to qualify for the rebate, recipients should shop online using their credit cards. After shopping online, the cardholders should print off the receipt so that they will be able to claim their rebates. To make sure that recipients do not double up, only apply to the websites that offer the best deals.

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Another perk enjoyed by amex platinum cardholders is the special foreign transaction fees credit cards earn. There are three categories where these types of fees apply: premium, traditional and business transactions. With the platinum card, you will earn four times more points for traditional transactions than with the amex gold card. After the introductory period, cardholders will receive the regular Visa or MasterCard.

Finally, the best credit cards will always have some kind of benefits or rewards program. In this case, the Amex Platinum 100K card has the strongest rewards program available. Upon the completion of your purchase at a participating retailer, you will automatically receive a free bottle of wine.

Now that you know how the above factors determine the effectiveness of a card, you may now understand how to spot an offer that offers the highest points earning potential. Keep in mind that it usually takes a few weeks before you can actually start using the card. Therefore, the best time to check the offer is while the interest rate is still at its lowest. If you have a regular job and you are employed, the chances of you being granted an Amex Platinum 100K Card are good.

However, even if you do not work for Amex, there are many other companies out there who are looking for customers to sell their products to. As such, it may be a good idea to check out other offers first and then apply to the one with the highest points earning potential. If you don't work for any company yet, the second best alternative would be to earn the points through other means, such as shopping at an Amex store.

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Amex also has special programs wherein after you make your first purchase, you will be entitled to earn a number of reward points. Again, these statements can be used at any store in the country. These statements can earn you up to five percent in value, and once you reach twenty five percent in total, you will be eligible to earn platinum card status. On top of the statement credits, you will also receive a number of gift cards. If you have a lot of money in the bank, you may want to consider Chase Ultimate Rewards cards, which offer three percent back on all purchases you make.

The last way to redeem your points is through the utilization of the cash back program. This is done by simply visiting the official website, creating an account, and receiving your rewards. You can use your rewards to purchase items from the participating retailers listed on the site, which can include clothing, home appliances, automobiles, and much more. The downside to this option is that you may need to pay approximately five to ten dollars per item you wish to buy, depending on the total value you assign to each item.

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