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With gas prices at record highs, many people are wondering whether or not there are any cards that will actually save them money. Fortunately, there are! There are cards out there that offer rewards just for using the right gas stations. But what is the right card for you? Here are a few things to consider:

Does your gas credit card offer cash back for every purchase? Some do, others don't. It is also one of the very best cash rewards programs out there, since you will earn 5% on up to $ 6,000 a year (then 1%) if you do not use your card at home. If you do not mind being limited to your own purchases for cash backs, then this is a good card to have. However, Sam's Club Plus subscribers can earn up to five percent cash back for U.S. gas station and restaurant purchases (over $ 6,000 a year), 3% cash back for dining purchases, and 1 percent cash back for most everything else.

Are there benefits besides cash back or discounts? Yes, there are! Some cards offer free travel when you become a Plus member. Then, there are other cards with even bigger cash back or discount packages. It really depends on what kind of rewards program you want, whether it's extras like trips, or just better perks.

How long does it take to receive the reward? A few months, if your credit is good. Other than that, once you're spending gets under control, the Sam's Club cash rewards program takes off rather quickly. You could qualify for rewards almost immediately, depending on how fast you make your payments.

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Is there a way to earn more than just discounts? Yes, there is! If you have an active membership year, you can often earn twice as much as you would with just the regular card.

Can I earn cash back and other things besides discounts? Yes, you can! When you become a Plus member, you can earn incentives based on your purchases and your other activities.

How do I know what I'm getting with a Sam's Club Plus Membership? Easy – you get one of two varieties of cash rewards programs. With your basic membership, which is usually just one or two months, you earn just the rewards that would be mentioned. You also get access to special offers that are not available with a basic membership. For example, you can get a free gift with your membership. With an additional 30 days, you can get a free night at a Sam's Club hotel when you meet someone who is a member.

How long does it take to earn cash rewards with a Sam's Club Plus Membership? Actually, it depends on how many purchases you make during your membership year. If you are a busy person, you can usually earn rewards faster, while a slower spender might have a harder time earning rewards with a Plus Card. For those looking for quick rewards, a Plus Card could be right for you. But if you're a slow shopper, you might want to stick with your basic membership to get more benefits.

Are there any other types of rewards besides cash back when I become a plus member? Yes, there are other ways to earn rewards from your membership. First, many clubs offer services or discounts such as free haircuts and hotels for stayovers. Some clubs even offer special deals for frequent shoppers. You can often earn discounts if you purchase merchandise at certain times, such as when you are buying diapers or other items.

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How do I know if I'm a primary member? When you become a primary member, you can use the primary member card to pay for any purchases you make. The credit limit on your card is the same as the credit limit on your checking account. If you have a membership with a bank, this works in your favor. You can easily transfer money between your checking account and your card. Banks often offer better terms on their cash back cards than the Sam's Club, so if you have an account at a bank, you may want to consider switching to a bank that offers the Sam's Club rewards.

Can I increase my cash back amount if I become a plus member? Yes, you can increase your cash reward amount by becoming a primary member. Every additional primary membership you receive doubles your original primary membership amount. For example, if you have five years of membership and purchase one hundred and twenty dollars with your primary card, then you would have an additional five hundred and twenty-two dollars added to your value. This could easily earn you between two and four thousand dollars per year.

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