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DTE Energy is a Detroit-area diversified energy firm involved primarily in the development and implementation of sustainable energy-related projects and services in the United States and Canada, particularly in Michigan. DTE Energy, together with its North American partner, Midstream Energy, has a long history of developing sustainable energy infrastructure projects throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. A DTE Energy project can be broadly classified into two main components. The first is a building or facility installation that employs the use of natural or renewable energy, such as solar and wind power. The second is the provision of green energy generation from energy sources such as electricity, gas, or petroleum.

DTE Energy's transmission and distribution capabilities are derived from hydroelectric, nuclear, and cellulosic resources. Hydroelectric power is utilized to provide hydroelectricity, which is typically the backbone of DTE Energy's distributed generation platform. Some DTE Energy projects are designed to deliver 1 megawatt-per weekday of electricity, with the capability of doubling this capacity over time. DTE Energy's goal is to build transmission and distribution infrastructure that allows for hydrocarbon and oil projects to reliably provide a large percentage – if not all – of the electricity consumed in US markets by the end of the next decade. If you want to help the environment and reduce your personal carbon footprint, it makes a lot of economic sense to deploy a sustainable energy platform that is inclusive of DTE Energy's transmission and distribution capabilities. However, as stated earlier, DTE Energy provides a lot of its services on an independent basis, so you have to assess whether the benefits of using DTE Energy are greater than its costs.

DTE Energy's transmission facilities are located primarily in the United States. Although some of its projects are international, most of its transmission power and generation infrastructures are located within the United States. This is primarily because DTE Energy's transmission infrastructure was designed to withstand the stresses of high voltage power lines and severe weather. Although transmission power generation equipment and facilities can be placed outside of the United States, in remote areas where electric infrastructure is not accessible, this would pose a significant safety risk to the operators, should an outage occur.

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In some regions of the country, the DTE Energy operations operation requires the use of temporary or permanent transmission lines. For instance, in west Texas, DTE has completed development of two transmission line extensions. These extensions allow DTE to support large-scale generation projects in that area. Because many areas are not positioned to accommodate the additional size and weight of large hydro generators, and because existing transmission lines cannot support the extra load, DTE has designed its hydro generation facilities to be highly flexible and reliable.

DTE's transmission lines and facilities allow it to serve as the country's single largest provider of renewable energy. In addition to providing power for a number of DTE Energy customers, these hydro generation plants are expected to generate enough electricity to significantly reduce the impact on the nation's electricity grid. In addition, DTE's renewable hydro plants can even help produce enough energy to power the entire State of Wyoming. All told, DTE's hydro energy operations have provided much needed support for America's struggling economy, but the company is also interested in developing even more hydro capacity as the economy recovers.

DTE is working to further develop its hydro generating capacity by acquiring and installing new transmission lines that will enable it to service more parts of the country. The company is particularly interested in placing transmission lines in heavily populated and environmentally sensitive areas. The purchase and installation of these transmission lines will allow DTE Energy to continue to serve as a leading provider of green energy to consumers.

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Another element that makes DTE's hydro generation facilities such an attractive investment is the DTE Energy's commitment to continuing to work closely with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies in order to address any potential environmental issues that may arise as a result of its operations. For instance, while all of DTE's transmission lines have been installed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the company is also committed to working closely with the permitting agencies in various municipalities in order to ensure that DTE is complying with all of the necessary local and state regulations. In addition, DTE Energy has made it a practice to submit its annual hydro generation facility performance report to the regulatory agencies on a prescribed schedule. This report not only gives an accurate accounting of the facility's emissions, water usage, and electricity generation, but it also demonstrates to the governing bodies what each of the emissions and water usage represents. If the regulatory agencies find problems or inconsistencies with the information provided in this report, they may require DTE to correct or mitigate its actions.

DTE Energy recognizes that establishing new hydro generation facilities poses significant risks to the environment, and it has taken steps to mitigate such risks. Its operations have so far avoided the use of on-site generators and rely almost exclusively upon the hydro power generated by the hydro plants located throughout the vast majority of the country. One of the challenges facing DTE Energy as it pursues hydropower generation is the high cost of obtaining and transmitting conventional electric power from transmission lines that are available on-site. However, DTE has developed novel approaches to overcome these challenges, and it has been able to successfully develop and maintain several hydro facilities that generate power at a significant cost savings to the company.

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