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Aceelitecard is a plastic credit card made from durable plastic and comes in many sizes. It was one of the first plastic cards to be launched by Aceel. The card contains magnetic components that enable it to be used online and offline. The magnetic component is removable, which makes it easier to keep track of one's purchases. This is done by providing a transparent card and a magnetic strip on the reverse side of the card.

When purchasing this card online, one gets an added bonus by being able to receive an additional ten percent off their entire purchase. It is also possible for the customer to buy an extra magnetic strip at a low price plus he does not have to pay any extra cost on shipping. This means that the customer is able to benefit from the sale by paying low prices and also getting extra cards.

The magnetic strip is removable so it is possible to keep track of one's purchases. The advantage of this is that it enables the user to know exactly how much cash is in one's account. It can also help people keep track of the amount of credit available in their accounts. The credit cards are also highly secure because they contain encoded magnetic components that prevent others from accessing the customers' personal information.

The use of these cards has revolutionized the way people shop. Since it contains a clear magnetic stripe that is visible to other people, it allows the user to make purchases while keeping their personal information safe. This is because the card contains a highly encrypted magnetic component that cannot be deciphered by anyone but the owner. There is also no fear of losing such an important piece of information. These cards also feature enhanced security features that include a scratch resistant surface, which is tamper proof and can withstand even heavy pressure when being used at the cash register.

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There are a few drawbacks of this card that one should consider before buying. The first flaw is that it does not have a grace period before it lapses. This means that if one does not pay their balance as agreed, they will receive a large overdraft fee. This can be considered as being somewhat unethical since one is using a credit card to pay for services that they would avail anyway. The second flaw is that the cards are only available to people who reside in the United States. There are plans to expand the credit card's availability in other countries but that may take a little bit more time.

The advantages of the Aceelitecard outweigh the few drawbacks that it comes with. The card is easy to use, and its magnetic stripe is highly secure due to its design. One can simply swipe the card through the machine at any participating retailer and enjoy all the benefits without having to fill out numerous paper forms. It is also very convenient to carry around since it can be folded and placed in a bag or wallet. Some people might prefer to use plastic money since the Aceelitecard uses the same magnetic stripe. However, the magnetic stripe is more secure than carrying paper like with plastic money.

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In addition, the company offers free rewards to those who use the card and pays their bill on time. Those with good credit can also get special savings depending on the card company's terms and conditions. However, the biggest disadvantage of this card is that one has to pay an annual fee that amounts to AAFD $55. This can be considered as a disadvantage since many users might find it hard to pay their bills on time especially when it is given out on a monthly basis.

There is also a rumor that the credit cards are linked to American Express and Visa. This is a misconception, since it is unrelated to these companies at all. The credit card is given to the cardholders as a reward for using their service. They can use the money to buy gifts for their loved ones as well. Another advantage is that there is no need for monthly statements since one just pays once.


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