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Manage your Scheels Visa accounts wherever, from wherever! Using your new Scheels Visa Mobile application you can: Quickly access your account using Touch ID. Check your online statement and ongoing transaction history. Pay your monthly bill.

You will get immediate verification of your account balance, your available credit card payment options and your bankcard or debit card payment history. This is a great way to make sure that everything you write on your Visa statement is correct. So even if you have just transferred your balance, this new Visa Credit Card Application can help you manage your existing visa credit cards much more easily and effortlessly.

Let your existing Visa credit cards work for you even more. By accessing your information directly from the website, card members can save time and money. They can also receive important information about their transactions immediately. They can take advantage of additional benefits, such as automatic bill pay, automatic renewal, early-payment privileges and low late-payment fees. It's easy to apply for a Scheels Visa Mobile credit cards online right now.

Apply for a Scheels Visa and learn about these powerful tools. Each month you get to access three points for using your Visa or MasterCard. If you make a qualified purchase during your card's grace period you earn one point. That's it. The rest can be earned in cash back, bonus points, travel points, air miles and convenience points depending on your Visa or MasterCard provider.

For convenient and hassle free shopping, travelers can use their Visa or MasterCard when shopping online. Cardholders get instant online access. They can instantly make purchases using their credit cards at any participating merchant. These merchants are subject to the terms and conditions provided by their issuer. You can find out the details in your mobile carrier's account information. You'll also receive an email alert each time your Visa or MasterCard is used at the participating merchant.

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A new way to manage your spending is with a single mobile phone. A Scheels Visa can be used securely with your Smartphone. With one account you'll manage your spending, track your transactions and monitor your credit score at the same time. Transactions can be managed by date and time or by dollar amount. Each time one is used, you get an automatic text message or an email alert. The text or email will tell you which card you spent, the amount of your applicable annual fee and the status of your payments.

A special feature found on many American Express cards is the ability to add another card to your account for just an additional annual fee. The third card added can be used just like the second one. You can add a new one with just the same information as the original. You can transfer money between the two and you can pay bill online via the American Express website.

For more information on American Express credit cards including details on any promotions, perks or rates please visit the official website. To help you decide on the right card to suit your needs please read the associated agreement carefully. You'll need to pay a setup fee as well as a regular annual fee. There's also a yellow card, blue card and pink card featured with American Express that's valid for dining only. All the details and rate quotes can be found on the American Express website.

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In addition to reviewing the American Express website you'll want to review the next page to find out more about Scheels Visa credit card offers. The next page includes the name of the issuer, the annual fee, the terms and conditions, and the rewards offered. Review the benefits section to find exactly what the issuer has to offer you. For example, some issuers will match dollar spent on products with purchases at any of their participating locations. Others will match the dollar spent with purchases from certain items only, such as groceries or select restaurants.

If you travel outside of the United States, make sure to review the specific offerings from each of the issuers. For example, if you have to purchase gas in order to use your Scheels Visa credit card at any of the participating locations you will be able to earn up to three points per dollar spent. Just because you're using an American Express Visa, however, doesn't mean you can't earn even more rewards credit card offers from Discover, MasterCard, or other issuers.

Schemes is an ideal way for you to quickly access your monthly account balance without having to wait. You can even access your cash advance charges whenever necessary, which allows you to avoid the fees that apply to making a transaction. This is particularly useful if you make frequent trips abroad. Once you have successfully established a Scheels Visa credit card account anytime throughout the year, you'll receive a special emblem that allows you to keep track of all of your transactions. Look for this emblem at all times so you'll be able to quickly access your account balance anytime you'd like.

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