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It is nice that both the Sam's Club Credit Card and the Sam's Club Mastercard require no annual fee to hold the card. This is very typical among plastic-based store cards, but it is still good to mention. Unfortunately, although both the cards have no annual fees, both of them also have other monthly or yearly fees that may be more costly than paying for the annual fee itself. These fees can add up, especially if you carry a large balance from month to month. It helps if you carry a smaller balance or pay the entire balance off each month. That way, you will not incur as high of a cost.

The other major difference between the two cards is the reward structure. On the one hand, Sam's Club has a much greater rewards program. They offer cash back on many of their products, such as for eating at restaurants and filling out forms online. However, the real comparison of these rewards should come against their regular credit cards.

There are no cash back bonuses on the regular credit cards. On the other hand, with the gas stations, the credit card actually allows you to earn miles for gas purchases. That means you will be rewarded for just about any gas purchase you make. While you cannot get cash back on the gas purchases, the cash back benefits are significantly higher than what the average gas station gives their customers. Even if you only earn one mile for every dollar you spend, you are still saving money.

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The comparisons end there. With no annual fee and no monthly or yearly fees, it is entirely possible that the cash back rewards on the Sam's Club credit cards are higher than the rewards offered by the major credit cards. There is no annual fee for the Sam's Club card. In fact, the annual fee associated with the major credit cards is not an annual fee at all.

Another thing to consider when comparing these cards is that when you pay off your balance in full, there is usually a zero percent interest rate. For this reason, many people find they can pay off the entire balance of their card with the credit card and no longer pay monthly payments. Of course, this also means that the interest rate will jump back up to the rate that is in place on most credit cards. Still, compared to the interest rate on the average credit card, it is a much lower rate and in most cases better than the interest rate on the traditional cards.

As with any credit card, with the credit cards comes additional fees. On most, there is an annual fee. There may also be service fees for the use of the credit card. However, compared to the convenience of having a credit card, these fees are well worth it.

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In addition to the benefits already mentioned above, there are some other perks associated with being a member of Sam's Club. One of them is having access to the store at any time of the day. There is no need to wait in line or to do extra work to get into the store. If you are in the middle of something and do not have a minute to spare, just pull out your credit card and you are on your way.

So, if you are looking for that special gift or looking to repair your credit rating, then this might be the card for you. It is convenient and it is rewards. No matter what you are looking to accomplish, it is the right choice for you.

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