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What exactly F4 Visa is? It's a visa, which is given to those foreign nationals, who are your brothers or sisters of a person who s holding a US green card. Your brother or sister must be above 18 years of age, a legal citizen of the US, and who, by virtue of being an eligible immigrant, has the right to apply for permanent residency with the US authorities via an application for a F4 Visa. To obtain this visa, you need to meet certain criteria.

In order to get a F4 Visa, one of the criteria you have to meet is to establish the fact that you and/or your brother or sister are eligible for immigration into the US under the law of the US. In order to do that, you need to undergo the interview process and prove to the US government that, you meet all the requirements laid down by the US immigration officials and that you have all the documents in order to support your claims. Your brother or sister might also be eligible for US family immigration visa but might be denied due to certain reasons. Therefore, it is better to check with US immigration authorities well in advance about your eligibility and the processing time of the F4 Visa for your family. The F4 visa processing time can take about three to six months.

Your brother or sister might have to face problems at the border while travelling between his/her home country and the US because of some US nationalities which are not accepted at the border. However, there is another type of US nationalities which are accepted at the border and which can also be used to get an F4 visa once they have crossed the border. This type of visa is referred to as the non-immigrant visa.

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A US national who has lived continuously in the same U.S.A. for more than two years cannot be a dual-national. Dual-nationals means that he/she must have lived in both the US and the country of his/her choice for at least ten years. This is required for spouses of green card holders. So if your sibling needs an F4 visa, he/she needs to submit the necessary documents and wait for the visa interview. At the visa interview, the consul will decide whether your sibling qualifies for the visa.

You may also apply for the green card for your sibling via the US National Immigration Services web site. Here you will have to provide the necessary information and submit the petition. On submission of your petition, the US National Immigration Services will verify the information and if everything is right, the visa will be approved. After the approval of the visa, you need to visit the US consulate where the request was filed and fill up the application form.

The interview for the visa interview is conducted by the USCIS division officials. The interview is held in Arizona. This is one of the interview rounds wherein the candidates are asked questions pertaining to their work experiences, academic records, work history, sponsorship bids and i-130 scores. After the interview, the officer will send you a score card so that you can evaluate the performance. If you feel that your sibling is not being honest with the answers, you need to give him/her another interview as the first interview cannot be used for the fourth preference decision.

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After the interview, the decision regarding the green card application for your sibling may take about three weeks. The visa will be approved if both parents are working and if both parents are US citizens. However, if either parent is not working, the child need not apply for the NVC. The child may apply for the NVC after six months of joining the college if he/she is eligible for this course. The processing time frame will vary based on the State.

Once your sibling has been accepted for the visa, the processing time frame for the approval of your NVC will be longer. There may be an additional waiting period depending on the State. Hence, it is better to check the green card program carefully before taking any decision. Your choice of preferred educational center plays a vital role in determining the green card processing time. It is advisable to select the preferred institution so that you get a faster processing time.

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