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If you are a regular customer of BJ's Restaurant & Bar, you will find the benefits of the MasterCard brand very attractive. That is precisely what the company intends to do with its new and emerging concept of 'My Bj's'. This MasterCard program is designed to give you a free meal whenever you pay your bill with the credit card. The catch? You have to pay off at least $5 before you can have the freebie meal. But that's not all.

The concept is actually the brainchild of Michael Ybarra, who is the president of MasterCard International, one of the largest companies in the credit card business. He came up with the idea when he was looking for ways to increase the loyalty of his customers. He realized that by offering them free dining privileges whenever they used their card… especially when they were spending on the items they purchase most often… they would be encouraged to come back and spend more. In other words, by offering special 'bjay' perks to its members, MasterCard would be able to convince more people to join its business.

Since then, several companies have offered special 'bjay' deals, including JCPenny, Holiday Inn, and Best Buy… but MasterCard has gone a step further by introducing 'my BJ' type of promotions. Now you get to enjoy the same 'bjay' perks that your favorite bikers get when you use their credit cards. If you are a fan of Harley Davidson, you'll love these offers from MasterCard. You get the same great benefits that riders enjoy, such as cash back rewards on purchases at over 500 participating retailers including Michael's, Wal-Mart, and Target; discounts on services, including car rentals, hotel rooms, cruises, and so much more; and an annual membership fee that pays you back a certain amount every year. You can choose to pay the annual fee monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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When you join the BJ's' club, you will also receive a free, leather riding jacket with every purchase, a free CD with any purchase, freebies, and much more. These special deals all started with MasterCard's partnership with the greatest biking company in the world, Harley Davidson. As a special thank you to its members for their continued support, the company introduced 'my BJ's perks credit card…' You can see just how much the company appreciates its huge customer base through this offer.

At the time of this writing, there are already more than half a million members in the my BM's club. And guess what? Almost all of them enjoy these special perks. So, what is it about these cash back and discount shopping opportunities that make the company so willing to extend its recognition to its biggest customer?

One answer is the company's recognition of its customers' loyalty and continued support. In fact, the latest addition to the my BM's perks is a further incentive to continue doing business with the company. The newest offering, the BJ's Wholesale Club' gives its two million plus members the opportunity to upgrade to the'Platinum'level, receive access to business-class airfares and enjoy benefits like free hotel stays during vacations… or even on business trips. And if you want to enjoy those great benefits even further, you may also choose to upgrade to the 'Gold' level, making you entitled to even greater advantages!

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Whether you are a lifetime customer or just looking to join the bandwagon, it is important that you fully understand all the perks that come with the membership of my BM's Wholesale Club. As mentioned above, the latest addition to the BJ's' perks, the BJ's Wholesale Club Gold' level gives its members access to business class flights, free hotel stays during holidays, business-class airline tickets, and access to exclusive parties and events hosted by premium hotels around the world. With all these privileges, it is easy to see why so many people are choosing to make their purchase from the MasterCard and Visa rewards programs. For those of you who haven't heard, the MasterCard and Visa programs by themselves are currently worth over $5 billion each year!

Both the MasterCard and Visa offer many options when it comes to purchasing items or paying for services. Some of the advantages of using the cards, however, far outweigh the disadvantages. While it is true that MasterCard and Visa offer the best credit card deals available in today's economy, your options should not be limited. When it comes to purchasing products, going on travel, or using one of their ATM machines, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what your options are, will allow you to find the best fit for your financial situation, regardless of which credit card you prefer to use.

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