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How to set up your own key prepaid phone system? If you are considering purchasing a pre-paid phone system for your business or personal use, consider Key2prepaid phone system. The below answers may help you to get more information about this innovative phone service. If there is still some uncertainty, consider talking to a local representative of your local cell phone provider to better understand how to use your new phone.

o User ID and password to sign in: Create a user id and password for access on your key2prepaid service. Use your existing Key prepaid card account to login to your new service. Alternatively, if you don't have your account activated yet on Key prepaid card account, you can create a new account by creating a new credit card account. Enter the pin number that is located on the back of your current card in the verification section to activate your account. You will see an activation SMS message which you must respond to in order to activate your phone.

o Balancing: Balancing your prepaid balance is easy. Simply make a monthly payment using your debit card to complete your balance transfer. A detailed receipt will be sent to you by your key2prepaid provider. Then, use your MasterCard to fund your balance. You will automatically receive a check for the amount of money you have transferred to your new account.

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o Online transactions: You can manage your key2prepaid transactions online by accessing the MyPFD website. Here, you will be able to see all your available balance, transaction history and pending transactions. You will also be able to enter a transaction limit. If you set your limit to an amount less than your available balance, your activity will be reported as a bounce or rejected.

o ATM availability: Using your key2prepaid debit card to make a cash withdrawal from an ATM is not possible. You are however allowed to enter the number and PIN for withdrawal from ATMs. Please note that ATMs only accept MasterCard for transactions and your cash withdrawal needs to be funded by a different form of payment such as cash, traveler's check or bank wire. To avoid these problems, it is recommended that you withdraw from your key2prepaid in person at an authorized location.

o ATM machine features: An ATM is capable of having multiple card reader terminals and accepting various types of payments including MasterCard, Visa and other major credit cards. This is an excellent feature if you are going to frequently use an ATM. If a customer uses your card at an unattended ATM, the transaction is reported as an unauthorized transaction. Please note though that this feature does not allow you to have more than one card.

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o Customer support: Most of the major ATMs offer 24 hour customer support. You can access the website or call the customer support hotline. Or you can sign up for their email newsletter where they send you new information on any new promotions, announcements or offers. You can also find important customer support tips on their Facebook or Twitter page.

o User identification: Upon inserting your pin number into the key2prepaid machine, the machine will detect it and prompt you for a user id. You are prompted for a user id, usually your full name, first initial and last name. After you have chosen a user id, enter the pin number and proceed to make the transaction. To make any changes to the transaction, click continue. If you are not satisfied with the results, sign out of the transaction and try again later.

Key5prepaid Login - key2prepaid

Key5prepaid Login – key2prepaid | key2prepaid

KEY5PREPAID Trademark of KeyCorp - Registration Number 5 - key2prepaid

KEY5PREPAID Trademark of KeyCorp – Registration Number 5 – key2prepaid | key2prepaid

Login Key5prepaid or Register New Account - key2prepaid

Login Key5prepaid or Register New Account – key2prepaid | key2prepaid

Key5Prepaid - Key

Key5Prepaid – Key | key2prepaid

Commercial Card Services Key - key2prepaid

Commercial Card Services Key – key2prepaid | key2prepaid