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US Bank has many financial products including products for small business that can benefit you and your family. One of these financial products is the US Bank Secured Credit Card. This credit card offers a variety of benefits. These benefits include access to special credit offers, cash back rewards and benefits, purchases with a significant percentage of cash back, and other benefits to help you manage your budget.

The benefits of this credit cards are beneficial to anyone who needs a credit card with a little extra help. Business Travel Rewards US bank secured credit cards offer frequent flyer miles that can be redeemed for free tickets to travel destinations. These frequent flyer miles can be used by the business owner to pay for plane tickets, rental cars, hotels and more. Simply pay $2,500 in eligible Net purchases within the first four weeks of account opening to get these special rewards. You will also get additional points on every purchase you make for at least twelve months from the date of your account opening.

Also part of the rewards program is the annual fee that is not charged to the consumer. If you have a good history with US Bank, you can choose a regular or a rewards credit card. With regular cards, there is an annual fee of just $125. However, with rewards credit cards, you do not pay an annual fee. In some cases, you will pay an annual fee for the second year of membership.

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US Bank secured cards have a variety of features. Each of the features has a unique purpose and benefit. A US Bank secured card review will cover these features. For example, here is a US Bank Secured Credit Card review:

Rewards: There are many benefits of having a US Bank secured credit card, rewards are the most obvious and the easiest way to get them. You will earn one point for each dollar of eligible net purchases you make each month. The number of points you earn will depend on the amount of interest you pay on the eligible purchases.

Also, you will receive five reward days each year to use as you please. At the end of the designated reward day, you can redeem your points towards any merchandise in the Rewards Center. The US Bank secured credit cards offer services such as Internet banking, online bill payment, mobile banking, and customer service. If you wish to pay your bill online, you will need to maintain a checking account in good standing with the bank with a balance above zero and access to a smartphone with a reliable wireless network to make bill payments.

Credit Card Balance Transfer: If you have other high interest rate credit cards, you may want to transfer your balances to an all-inclusive bank secured credit card with an introductory offer lasting only twelve months. This will help you reduce the payments you make while you have the new credit card in effect. If you choose, you may also choose to take advantage of interest free introductory periods to extend the length of time you have the new card and lower your monthly payments. To learn more about balance transfer options, check out the US Bank secured credit cards website.

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Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the secured credit offer you choose carefully. Some cards require you to have an active bank account. Other offers have specific requirements that vary by product. Also, be aware of fees that apply each month such as credit line fee, transaction fee, minimum payment fee, and others. Once you find the best balance transfer credit card offer, be sure to make your application online.

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